Friday, 19 April 2013

Open Source CMS for Social Networking Website

Social networking websites are the greatest place for online commercial activities. People join these websites to get free traffic to their business website. Some prominent social networking websites include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more.
Elgg - Elgg is one of the best open-source platforms to stay in touch with people. It offers blog, networking, feeds and file sharing features. Its' versatility offers nearly everything to develop a full featured website.

Drupal - Drupal is a popular Content Management System (CMS). Thanks to its large community support, there are several Drupal modules available. Applying some programming skill and using these modules, anyone can develop a website to enhance interaction. 

XOOPS with Yogurt Extension - XOOPS is a CMS, used to create sites based on your needs. Extend your site by including social networking, forum and much more by adding appropriate modules. Yogurt is XOOPS module to add an interpersonal feature on your site.

Dolphin - Dolphin is developed and supported by Boonex. It is partly-free community building application used by dating sites primarily.

Select the open-source from the list which suites your requirement and customize as per your taste. Your social site is ready to use.

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Friday, 12 April 2013

5 Things Every Publisher Should Know About Google Webmaster Tools

Optimizing my site for Google's  search engine, which according to research firm ComScore holds 67 percent of the U.S search market as of January 2013. With roughly 13 billion monthly searches taking place on Google, it’s important that as a publisher I know how Google views your website and that I utilize the tools they provide to achieve the best performance. With that, I present the following five things every publisher should know about Google’s Webmaster Tools, a free data and diagnostic tool.

1. Know your health. One of the main navigation points focuses on several aspects of your website’s health, including crawl errors and a Google scan for malware. If either of these are out of whack, you'll want to address the issue immediately. If you have pages you preferred Google didn't index, you can check here to see if they're being properly blocked.

2. Know your indexed pages. Still under the Health section you'll find Index Status. This shows you how many of your website’s pages Google has crawled and indexed. If you're adding content the number of your indexed pages should be going up. If not, you may have a problem. What could be a bigger problem is if the number of pages unexpectedly begin to go down.

3. Know your search queries. This is perhaps my favorite tool in this toolbox. Within the Traffic section you'll find a link to your most queried keywords that are driving traffic to your site. This section also shows you the number of clicks the keywords are getting, the click through rate and the average position on the search results page. Make sure that the content of your site is reflected in these keywords, otherwise you might not be optimizing your site correctly.

4. Know your HTML. I like to pick all the low hanging fruit I can and this next tool is where you might find a lot of it. Under the Optimization section is a tool called HTML Improvements. This section focuses on the meta data of your web pages from meta descriptions to title tags. If Google sees an issue with any of your pages it will let you know—even going so far as to offering the exact URL that you can fix.

5. Know the links to your site. So much of SEO is based on your site’s reputation. One indicator of that is the quality of links from other websites to your site. Back under the Traffic section you'll find Links to Your Site. This section shows who is linking to your site the most, the content on your site that’s most linked to and the anchor text that’s linking to your site. (At the time of this writing, there seems to be a widely reported bug within Webmaster Tools that is preventing this data from showing up properly). Seeing what pages are driving traffic from third-party websites could provide insight into your own internal optimization moving forward.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Create your Facebook page to be more attractive and informative

The Facebook Timeline has been used very widely but there seems to be some lack of understanding in what can be done and how it should be done. The Facebook page needs to be attractive and also at the same time should make the users to get engaged.

1. Cover photo Strategy for personal profiles
The Cover Photo has the main purpose of relating your personality, position, approach, life, etc. in a picture. The Cover Photo gives a strong image contact about your personality. Many display photos which are indication of their personal life. And as the default settings for the cover photo is “public”, at times such photos are misutilized.
Facebook permit to show personal photos through the profile picture album and creation of many other albums whose security settings can be carefully analyzed and prohibited. Cover Photo was never meant to display personal, respected moments to the public and it was designed to describe oneself to the public.

2. Cover photo Strategy for brands and endorsements
The main advantages which the Facebook has now offers to its users are to promote or encourage anything during Facebook itself, thus making endorsement easy and effective. And for this custom, Facebook provides provision to include the Cover Photo in the Timeline. However still in this feature, many mistakes are devoted and the general and popular advertisement opportunity of any activity is strictly restricted.
The Cover Photo should explain what the activity is all about, not what the enterprise does? We might have seen on many pages, the Cover Photo showing contact information, buy information, list of price, etc thus ignoring the actual cause of using it. The Cover Photo is idea to brand and make sense, not to tell about the enterprise services.

3. Give that important information about person or brand in words
The “About” section given below the Cover Photo was developed to illustrate oneself in detail about what they do in text form when compared to the Cover photo where it shows about what they are in an image form.
The “About” section is used to provide an insight to a visitor what their Facebook page is all about. And this section should show the contact details or anything important related to their products and services in a more detailed way.

4. Not growing the engagement rate and advertising
Facebook has introduced some great features which are very useful in creating ads, offers etc. which should help to increase the traffic and engagement rate. But, these tools are unutilized. There are two basic tools or options which not many people know about and which can really highlight the posts. First one is Highlight and the second one is Pinning.
Highlight’ gives you an option to enlarge the size of the post to the full size width. This can give better visibility compared to other posts. This can be used for highlighting images or any important post or link that you wish to share. To highlight a post click the ‘Star’ next to edit button on top right corner of the post.
Pinning’ it to the top of the wall with an orange ribbon can be useful more for offers or announcements and will show for next seven days on top of other posts. To pin with an orange ribbon, click edit button on the top right corner of your post and click ‘Pin to Top’ and similar way to ‘Unpin From Top’.
Note that one cannot use ‘Highlight’ and also ‘Pinning’ at the same time. You can only either Highlight or Pin on a post.
Facebook Timeline has provided with such an effective marketing tool that endorsements, ads, social connections have become simple and easy. However, if this tool is not utilized appropriately, it would be a disgrace and failure for both the user and the designer. Timeline must be used the method it is designed to be.

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